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Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is the world’s oldest known preserved and continuously practiced form of Astrology. Dating back well over 3000 years, Jyotish comes out of ancient India, and is referenced in some of the world’s earliest known writings (the Vedas). Vedic Astrology is known as “the eyes of the Vedas”.

Jyotish offers tremendous depth and wisdom in understanding the infinite complexities of our human experience, and of consciousness itself. Vedic Astrology can be extremely accurate looking at the total person; mind, body, and spirit. Jyotish looks at every part of our life, from birth, to death. It can reveal detailed information about our life’s purpose, our talents, our jobs, and our partnerships.

Jyotish is a shining light that illuminates our karmic blue print, providing us with focus and understanding into the conditions and circumstances of our lives. A Vedic Astrology reading can reveal both our positive and negative patterns, and can brings us into greater alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Jyotish is a powerful tool for increasing self-awareness. Past, current and future events are analyzed using dashas (planetary time periods), which are unique to each person’s chart. The information gleaned from a reading can further us toward greater personal responsibility, so that we can take the right actions to overcome challenges that affect our life. Vedic astrology can also provide us with a confirmation that we are on the right path, further fueling us towards our life’s purpose, health, and personal goals.


Natal Birth Chart Reading

Ryan will read your complete Vedic natal birth chart, placing the most focus on where the planets were at the time of your birth. This will provide information on all areas of life, from work, school, children, health, love, money, home life, travel, and relationships. After going through your houses and planets.

After I receive your most accurate birth time, and birth place, I thoroughly research your birth chart for an average of two hours before we meet. Our reading together takes approximately 90 minutes.
Fee: $185


After you have had your natal chart read, follow up readings can provide continued insight. Having a yearly follow up reading can provide a great deal of helpful information about changing astrological influences. This is a one hour meeting.
Fee: $108

Natal Chart Reading and Ayurvedic Consult package

This package combines both an Initial Ayurvedic Consult and a full Natal Chart Reading (done at separate times). With a combined value of $370, you save $50.
Fee: $320

Jyotish is an amazing tool for self-empowerment. It really can help create better health, positive relationships, and continued growth on your spiritual journey. If properly applied astrology can help us deepen our understanding of who we are, and what we are here to do. Each one of us is presented with the interesting situation of being alive, yet also being aware that physical life is temporary. Not only is our physical life temporary, we are constantly being threatened by suffering. Suffering in all its many forms is ether being experienced now, or, the possibility of it is always near. The Yogi’s and Spiritual teachers for millennia have asserted that our true nature is spirit, and at our core, we are untouched by birth, death and suffering. The purpose of life is to fully experience and wake up to this truth.

Some Karma is harder than others to change. However, if we are rooted in the knowledge that we are truly unlimited whole spiritual beings, we can endure, and rise above our temporary negative experiences. It is my hope that you use your Vedic reading for self-empowerment.

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